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Arrogance has no place in the legal profession. No matter what crime you have been accused of, you should expect to be treated with respect; you will be when you choose Minnesota law firm of Michael L. Samuelson. We know that most criminal charges are the result of a mistake, either a mistake made by you, by the police or by the prosecutor. Our job is to fix that mistake as quickly as possible, so it doesn't interfere with your life. With more than 30 years of criminal law experience on our side, we are good at that job.

What Have You Been Charged With?

We defend against DWI/DUI in all of its forms, including:

We also defend against other matters related to drunk driving charges, such as:

You can also turn to us to defend against all other major traffic violations.

Defense Against All Criminal Charges

In addition to DWI/DUI and major traffic violations, we defend against all other misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

Limit the Damage

A solid criminal defense strategy can limit the damage a criminal charge can do to your life, including fines, jail time or a mark on your criminal record that could impact your ability to get a job. Whether we can achieve that goal by negotiating a plea agreement or by taking your case to trial, we will do what is right for you. We encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can start building your defense strategy.

Representation Starts With a Free Initial Consultation

  • We offer appointments during regular business hours, as well as on evenings and weekends
  • We make jail visits when necessary
  • We accept all major credit cards

Call us at 320-252-1972 or send us an e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation with a St. Cloud criminal defense attorney.