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If a motor vehicle accident results in an injury and the driver who caused the accident was over the legal limit, that driver will be charged with criminal vehicular operation. This is a serious charge that requires representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney, such as the one you will find at the Minnesota law firm of Michael L. Samuelson. We know the law inside and out, bringing more than 30 years of criminal law experience to every case we handle. We will defend you against the charge of criminal vehicular operation, as well as the DWI/DUI charge that often comes along with it.

Severe Injuries Are Not Required

People are often surprised to find themselves charged with criminal vehicular operation, which is a gross misdemeanor. This charge is filed even when injuries are very minor, such as a little bump or bruise.

When the injuries are more severe, such as a broken bone or worse, the driver will be charged with felony criminal vehicular operation. This is charged without regard to a prior record. Our DWI/DUI defense law firm is prepared to fight these serious charges.

When a Drunk Driving Accident Results in a Fatality

Criminal vehicular homicide is charged when an intoxicated driver causes an accident that leads to a fatality. Defending against this charge is different than defending against a murder charge. Criminal vehicular homicide is not part of the murder statute, but part of the criminal vehicular operation statute. However, it is equal in gravity to some parts of the murder statute. We have the experience to successfully defend you against this unique and serious charge.

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